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Agility Ventures Invests in Fast-Growing ExpandCart e-Commerce Platform

Company helps small businesses in MENA build online stores in minutes
From left to right: ExpandCart co-founders; Amr Shawqy and Sameh Nabil
KUWAIT – DEC. 28, 2019 – Agility Ventures, the venture capital arm of global logistics company Agility, announced that it has invested in ExpandCart, a Cairo-based e-commerce enabler that allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to […]

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Investing in Logistics in Africa

Geoffrey White, CEO at Agility Africa, speaks to CNN at the World Economic Forum in Cape Town in September 2019: “[Agility is building] a network that lets you move goods from one country to another. Africa isn’t a quick-win investment scenario for Agility. It’s a 10, 20 year sustainable rollout of significant funds, building real […]

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