Agility Barcelona Relocation Notice

Please be informed that the Agility Barcelona branch office and warehouse operations have relocated to the following address:

Agility Spain, S.A,
Av. Ports d’Europa, 2 – Zona Aduanera Logistica (ZAL),
08040 – ZAL,
Barcelona, Spain.
Tel: + 34 93 297 0800 (unchanged)

ZAL is the intermodal logistics platform of the port of Barcelona and is strategically located just 2km from Barcelona International Airport and connected to the Railway Cargo Terminal and main highways.

In addition to the 700 sqm of office space, the new facility has a 6,400 sqm warehouse that is bonded and fully integrated with Customs EDI. The move will bring more efficiency and dynamism to our logistics and freight forwarding operations, and enable us to continue to serve our customers with the highest quality standards.

Agility Barcelona_Cropped

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