U.S. East Coast Operations After Hurricane Sandy

Agility’s East Coast Branch Operations

•    BOS: Open and fully operational
•    JFK:  Skeletal crew, power and communications restored
•    EWR: Office remains closed
•    CLE: Office remains closed


•    All airports in the U.S. Northeast are operational and flights are resuming their normal schedules. Potential backlogs will be cleared within a few days.

•   The Virginia Port Authority re-opened Tuesday. However, the U.S. Coast Guard is performing critical due diligence to ensure that channel access is free and unobstructed.

•    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey remain closed until further notice.

•    The Port of Baltimore Seagirt Marine Terminal remains closed, which impacts cargo moving via barge to Norfolk.

•    The Port of Boston is open.

•    The ports of Savannah and Charleston are open.

•    Delays of 72 hours or more are expected for all rail traffic moving in and out of the following areas: NJ/NJ ports; Norfolk, VA; Baltimore, MD and Worcester, MA. Worcester rail ramp is open.

•    CSX has embargoed reefer shipments moving from Chicago to New York.


We will provide updates as new information becomes available.

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