Brazil Flooding and Port Closures

Operations at the Port of Itajaí and Navegantes have been suspended with no estimates for resuming to normal service, according to information from the Ports. Work has interrupted due to the strong flow of the Itajaí-Acu River. The terminal is installed at the mouth of the river, which is responsible for disposing of water from the floods that are hitting the region of Vale do Itajaí.

They also reported that the berths of the Port Public, APMT, Portonave and other private terminals are installed in full operating conditions and can begin work as soon as the navigation is released in the Itajaí-Acu River.

Losses from suspension of operations have not been quantified and most of the boats to dock in Itajaí and Navegantes, are awaiting improved weather conditions to continue with the operations. As of Thursday, Sept.15, there is a long row of ships waiting for authorization and all predictions of arrival and departure are subject to change.

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