Update on Volcano Eruption in Iceland

Please find further update to the Volcano Eruption in Iceland:

  • Great Britain back to normal, no delays at London Heathrow
  • Germany back to normal, no delays at FRA, HHN and MUC Airport
  • Poland under low density ash but flights into WAW are still being accepted
  • There are no flight restrictions at the major International Airports in Europe
  • The worst is over and the ash cloud is dissipating
  • The eruption of the Grimsvotn volcano paused on Wednesday

Today as well none of the Agility stations have been reporting any delays for our cargo flow. We will still monitor the situation very carefully and report back if anything new is happening but we can convincingly say that the situation in Europe is back to normal and no cancelations should be expected in the coming hours and days.

Project Team Members per respective region:

Global: Bjoern Buesing
Americas: Karen Rondino
Europe: Buelent Buelbuel
Middle East & Africa: Sydney Fernandes
APAC: Michael Pereira
Please accept this as the last update from the Project Team.

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