Shanghai Truck Drivers Strike

On April 20th, Shanghai Yangshan Port and Waigaoqiao Port almost thousands of truck drivers set to strike to protest, and asked the Government authority to reduce prices, raise wages and improve treatment. Besides strike, truckers blocked the road to avoid non-participating trucker entering terminal. Empty containers cannot be retrieved neither.

  • Import containers were stuck in terminal and could not be released
  • Almost all export containers ex Shanghai could not perform export clearance nor deliver to carriers. All international ocean trade of Shanghai were affected.

Representatives from trucker and government authorities negotiated for solution but there was no successful outcome till now. Truckers have prepared to carry on the strike till end of April.


  • A normal terminal cut-off of 2 to 3 days is required by carriers. ETD delay will be determined by carriers tomorrow if the situation continues. Delay departure will impact vessel itinerary. Therefore, we don’t expect carrier will delay the vessel sailing for over 24hours in normal circumstances
  • Container backlog will appear and carry forward to next week sailing causing pressure on capacity
  • Customer should expect at least one week delay if they are using any vessel closing on these 2 days.

Agility Shanghai is now summarizing all respective bookings and prepares a list to inform customers. If the problem is not resolved within this weekend, all upcoming schedules should expect a delay at least one week.

Contingency actions:

  • Alternatively, containers utilizing Shanghai can be exported from Ningbo port where there are direct calling vessels. There are other nearby ports connecting Shanghai by feeder service (Nantong, Taicang, Nanjing) but we believe their capacities cannot entertain such demand.
  • The change of utilizing Ningbo port should be rebooked and reloaded. Required processing time before ETD will be 7-10days (for non-export-cleared containers) and 10-14days (for export-cleared container requiring customs cancellation). Customer should expect over 2 weeks delay if they want to take this option
  • Sea-air is not an option because same problem applies in first leg ex Shanghai by ocean • Air freight is the only option. The processing time will be 2-4 days before ETD. Capacity is not an issue to Agility for the time being. Pricing will be offered according to required arrival time and shipment details (packages/gross weight/total volume/commodity/destination)
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