How is business coping in Libya and Bahrain?

On-the-ground in Libya

As protests in Libya have grown, communications have been disrupted, with no internet access across the country and limited phone services. Transport links have been impacted causing delays to road freight. All ports are currently closed and air freight into the country is suspended. At this stage Agility is advising that no cargo is to be shipped to Libya until further notice. As the situation continues to deteriorate, we expect further disruptions and closures. Closures to the Benghazi, Misurata and Tripoli ports means Agility is diverting all cargo to Alexandria port, Egypt. Many shipping lines are now also diverting to Algeciras Port, Spain and Port of Gioia Tauro (Calabria), Italy.

At present all operations have been suspended until the violence and unrest subsides and transport infrastructure is restored. There are currently no airfreight services being run into Libya due to safety concerns.

On-the-spot in Bahrain

Agility has a significant presence in Bahrain, a major hub into Saudi Arabia. While there have been some delays and minor disruptions to services, operations continue to run as normal with the unrest having only limited effect on logistics infrastructure in the country.

If you want to know more

Please contact:

  • Sydney Fernandes, regional director, Air & Ocean Middle East & Africa, Agility; Tel +971-4-8131419; Mobile +971-50-7082574
  • James Gildea James Gildea, regional marketing manager, Middle East & Africa, Agility; Tel: +971.4813.1431; Mobile +971.56.681.2705
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